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Today was another productive day in the studio. Lots of new cylinders for another batch of mugs. This time slightly larger made from B-Clay. Throw a bunch of cylinders… then you need to stamp a LOT of cylinders too!!! Se here goes…

Mug One.

Mug Two.

Mug Three.

Mug Four.

Mug Five.

Mug Six.

Mug Seven.

Mug Eight.

Mug Nine.

Mug Ten.

Mug Eleven.

Mug Twelve.

Mug Thirteen.

Mug Fourteen.

Mug Fifteen.

Mug Sixteen.

Mug Seventeen.

Mug Eighteen.

Mug Nineteen.

Mug Twenty.

So now they’ve all been stamped… and trimmed today as well!
I’m hoping to get back into the studio tomorrow to add handles to them all.
That is if the impending snow storm doesn’t keep me away?!

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