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A lot of people have asked what kind of camera I use for my morning sunrise photos! It’s just a little point & shoot… nothing fancy… that fits in the rear pocket on my biking jersey! Oh yeah, always in a ziplock bag so it doesn’t get all sweaty wet!!!

This one is brand new as today was its first voyage out for sunrises! My previous one was the same brand & style… it was just not working well. Some times the image in the viewfinder window would just wiggle… and then it would automatically shut down after two or three shots… and the last straw was when it totally gave up and stopped turning on… kinda like it couldn’t open its own aperture?!

Sure, maybe it could have broken from all the use… I’ve taken a LOT of sunrises with my old camera. Or all of the jostling while I’m bike riding… or times I got caught in the rain… or the times I dropped it…. or the times I would take it out to take photos on a roller coaster… or any of the other countless times I mishandled the camera!!! HA!!!

So yes, my sunrises are shot with this little baby…
but I do use my iPhone for panorama shots & videos!!!

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