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Well, this weekend was “supposed to be” the Schaumburg Prairie Arts Festival… which was of course CANCELLED due to all of this corona-craziness! Sadly, no art fairs this weekend! So I’m going online with a new “socially distant” set of mugs from A to Z!!!

So I”m hosting an online sale only on my Fire When Ready Pottery FACEBOOK PAGE! Same as usual… the first person to claim a mug in the Facebook Photo Album by putting “MINE” in the Comments section of each mug photo will get that mug! I’ve also added the “back side” of each mug in the inset photo so you can picture it better as some of them have dramatic flashing effects. I will then follow with a message & shipping details. Each mug is food-safe, dishwasher-safe and $55… which includes packing & shipping with the continuous US.

So start shopping on Facebook… although I know it’s NOT the same as shopping in person at the art fair! I am already missing all of your friendly faces, chatting with everyone & hanging outside with all of my art fair friends!

Hopefully we’ll get to squeeze in one or two actual art fairs a bit later in the summer season?! Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and pretend this is an art fair ONLINE!!! Thanks!

Here’s the selection of mugs… but remember…
you can ONLY claim them on my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page!!!

MUG A ———-

MUG B ———-

MUG C ———-

MUG D ———-

MUG E ———-

MUG F ———-

MUG G ———-

MUG H ———-

MUG I ———-

MUG J ———-

MUG K ———-

MUG L ———-

MUG M ———-

MUG N ———-

MUG O ———-

MUG P ———-

MUG Q ———-

MUG R ———-

MUG S ———-

MUG T ———-

MUG U ———-

MUG V ———-

MUG W ———-

MUG X ———-

MUG Y ———-

MUG Z ———-

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