Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Working on another set of porcelain mugs… stamping patterns & textures into them.
So here’s the before & after shots, as well as the stamps that did all of the magic!

Mug One –

Mug Two –

Mug Three –

Mug Four –

Mug Five –

Mug Six –

Mug Seven –

Mug Eight –

Mug Nine –

Mug Ten –

Mug Eleven –

Mug Twelve –

Mug Thirteen –

Mug Fourteen –

Mug Fifteen –

Mug Sixteen –

Mug Seventeen –

Mug Eighteen –

Mug Nineteen –

Mug Twenty –

Mug Twenty-One –

So for now they’re all wrapped up under plastic… waiting at least another night until they stiffen up enough for me to start trimming the bottoms. Once trimmed, they will all start getting handles to become mugs!



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