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Today I finally sent a “deadline” email to my studio landlord…
and looky-there… just a couple hours later... it’s all FIXED?! Well, kinda.

I’m excited to have light again. But I was confused as the new LED fixture that had been jury-rigged to the old fixture was gone… along with all the extra cords… and now I have some “bonus” fluorescent bulbs on my wedging table?! Turns out all he did was switch out the bulbs to new LED tubes… left the old ones on my table… and called it done?!

Disregard the fact that the fixture still does NOT turn on or off…
he said since it’s now LED I can “just leave it on since it doesn’t use much electricity!”

I guess I should have sent a “demanding” e-mail a few months back
if I knew it would just take an hour for him to fix it?!

And I use the term “fix” fairly loosely…

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