Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A wonderful purple carpet of wild scillia in the woodlands near the Waveland Golf Course. Sure, we didn’t get much of a sunrise this morning, but we got beautiful flowers! Ain’t nature great?!!!

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Always fun to find new artworks dotting the Lakefront Bike Trail. Like this whimsically enormous guy gazing up to the skies down on the South Side clad in stainless steel of all kinds. If you look closely, you’ll find cookie sheets, muffin tins and so many more wonderful finds!!! Well done Tom Friedman!


Categories: bike, sunrise

Another beautifully warm morning with great colors splashing across the sky.

Categories: bike, sunrise

It seemed like a normal Spring sunrise… clear skies & beautiful colors.
But the real fun was the splashing & crashing waves along the lakefront.

And then the splashing fun began as I got to the edge of the Lakefront.


Categories: bowls, process, production

So it’s been a quick trimming session. After Tuesday’s class demo with a LOT of bowls, I had a good amount to tackle. But I love trimming… so it was a “labor of love.” Fun and messy with trimmings flying left & right. And done. And drying…

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It’s so much fun to finish off a piece with a well-trimmed foot. I made a decision early on that I would trim everything! It just doesn’t look quite “done” to me if it isn’t trimmed?! But maybe that’s just me?
And luckily, I have a lot of bowls to trim from class this week. So here we go… trim, trim trim!!!


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A beautiful morning ride with a slight chill in the air. But the sky is clear and sun’s gonna warm it up quick today… I hope. Might need to get out for another ride this afternoon after some quality studio time?!

And her she is… the Big Debut of the NEW BIKE.
Still considering if she needs a name or not… any ideas??
The top two contenders so far are… “Scarlet Don’t-Care-A”… or “The Crimson Ride.”




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Another fun night of musical theater last night with my niece & oompa-loompa Taylor in her school’s production of Willie Wonka… complete with her first “official” headshot!


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After last Tuesday night’s bowl demo, I had a table full of bowls to continue working on.
Sure, I could have left them as they were…. but why would I do that?!
Instead, I did a bit of stamping, texturing and detailing. So now my “not-so-basic-bowls”
are even less basic than they were after the throwing demo in class.


Categories: mugs

Always fun to see one of your mugs pop up on Instagram…
even if it is just a small blue class-demo mug!
Oh wait, there ARE some things out there without stamps! Ha!!!
Thanks for sharing George.