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The bowls from Tuesday night’s class demo have been under plastic wrap. And they’ve stiffened up to a good “wetter-side-of-leatherhard” stage. So I went through the bowls and did some stamping, accenting & detailing. Each one a little better than it was before…. and one step closer to be being done!

Bowl with a wide flange… now with a line of small stamps.

Bowl with the flower remark in the bottom from the dragonscale tool…
now with a scalloped edge done with a wooden tool

Bowl with a split rim and undulating curves.. now with a couple stamps & “beads” on the pinch points.

Bowl with chattered pattern through white slip… now with a “corded” rope rim.

Bowl ombre slip and concentric circles… now with a stamped rim to accentuate the circle in the bottom. And a few white dots to push it even a little further!

Bowl with a flared flange and fluted rim…. now with a row of stamps.

Bowl with “finger-squiggled” slip patterns… now with a textured rim made with a wooden tool.

Bowl with a flared flange… now with a row of stamps.

Bowl with banded & drawn-through white slip… now with a corded rim texture made with a bamboo skewer.

Bowl with a rolled-over hollow rim .. now stamped, and then “dented” with a square chopstick.

So now they’re all back under plastic for the night. Waiting for them to dry a bit more… so that I can hopefully trim them tomorrow.


Bill Bergstrom

February 6th, 2016

Very nice. Inspiring.


February 7th, 2016

I am always in awe of your work! AWEsome as always 🙂


September 13th, 2016

Love your decoration of these bowls.

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