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So I finally got back to glazing some of my class demo bowls.
The stack has been on my Teacher Shelf for weeks. At least they were all waxed from the last time I “tried” to glaze them, but gave up too soon. Tonight I was determined.

Some just got dunked in a glaze bucket.
While others had some accent glazes inlaid into the stamp impressions and wiped off. In this case, it was temoku glaze inlaid, and then the bowl was dipped into green celadon glaze.

Determined to get some stuff finally glazed and off my Teacher Shelf.
Determined to make some room for new work when my new session of wheelthrowing classes starts next Tuesday!!!


Vicky Siegel

April 2nd, 2015

love your posts! Wondering what sponge you use for wiping off glaze when you want the glaze to stay in the textures? I teach elementary art and have always used the cheap green scrubbies from the dollar store or grocery store. This time the little green flecks stayed under the clear glaze. It didn’t actually look too bad, but it has never happened before.

April 2nd, 2015

VICKY – I’ll pretty much use any kind of sponge! I’m not to particular. I do look at the pot closely after wiping away to see that there aren’t any sponge remains. And then I’m also pretty confident that anything left behind will burn away when it gets fired to cone 10. I assume because you’re working at a school that you’re doing electric firings at a much lower temperature. Maybe it’s not high enough to melt away the fake, synthetic sponges? Kinda makes you wonder what industrial-scientific-chemical material they’re made out of? You may want to consider using a more “natural” sponge and see if that helps???

Vicky Siegel

April 5th, 2015


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