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So I’ve got too many keys. I’m one of those who have far too many keys for home, studio, car, etc. So many that I need to color-code them. These are my studio keys. My keychain of home keys is even worse. But I thought I would tackle this smaller batch first.

When we were at the Chicago Triathlon Expo, my friend Chris and I we intrigued by one of the vendors. For everyone who struggles with too many keys… this might be the answer?!

So we each bought a couple of them. One for my studio keys, another for my home keys. It took me just a couple minutes to organize my studio keys into this small, easy key system. I love it already!!!

And then it opens up… like a Swiss Army Knife… pretty groovy, huh???

So now I’ve got to tackle my home keys… a little different as I have fourteen keys on there!!! Might be a little tougher to organize & streamline… but I’m encouraged and eager to be more Key.Smart with those too!!!

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