Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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The the days of the concerts, it was tough to find the time or the energy to get up for my morning bike rides. We were working about 18 hours a day, outside, on our feet the entire time. I’d like to think I have good stamina, but when we finally made it back to the hotel, I was done. I needed sleep… and somehow a couple hours of sleep won out over another morning sunrise.

But now that the concerts are over, and our daily schedule is getting back to normal. I’m getting back into my morning routine. And it felt great today to return to Port Mahon for another stunning sunrise over Delaware Bay. An early start added some drama in the darkness as the moon was still hanging out… being framed by the tree!

And then the sun finally popped over the horizon…

And some of you may know that I have an odd fascination with roadkill. I have quite the collection of photos from years of biking. Always intrigued by the “circle of life” and how some poor decisions can have fatal results. The one I found this morning made me stop in my tracks. First I thought it was a large frog, but then upon further inspection… this Barbie didn’t have a good experience down at Port Mahon!!!

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