Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
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Tuesday night I showed my class how to make larger bowls and platters.
I made three pieces for them… but I felt two of them needed a little somethin’-somethin’.
Tonight I pulled out some stamps and did a bit of decorating. So here goes…

Starting with the plain bowl that I threw Tuesday night. It was wrapped up under plastic and tonight it was on the “wetter-side” of leather heard. Perfect for stamping!

Once the bowl was all stamped, I moved on to stamp the platter too. So I found the stamp I wanted and began indenting one by one by one… all the way around!!!

Eventually both of these class demo pieces were stamped and done for the night. So I put them both back under plastic so they can dry a bit slower. I’m hoping that tomorrow I might be able to trim both of them.



October 18th, 2013

Love the platter! Your work is so beautiful!


September 28th, 2014

Your work inspires me to try my best to create as I am a beginner and a visual person. Do you teach classes on how to make these 2 items? Also what clay to use. I live in Australia.

October 2nd, 2014

LARISA – If you want o see how I stamp textures into my work, just go to and do a quick Search for “Fire When Ready Pottery.” There are a couple videos there that show the work from start to finish. Enjoy.

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