Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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During the early hours of Sunday, while a lot of customers haven;t made it to the fair yet because they’re at church or brunch, I made the rounds really quickly to see some of “My Talented Friends” who were also showing in Barrington. When I stopped my metalsmith Amy Taylor‘s booth on The Deck, I was surprised to find that she had lost her voice! But still, she asked about my bracelet… the one that Taylor had made for me on her “rainbow loom.” Amy loved the simple “woven rubber band bracelet” and asked if Taylor would make her one.

With a quick phone call, I placed the order with Taylor and set the wheels in motion. Later that afternoon, Taylor and her mom (my sister) Jen came back to the fair to deliver Amy’s bracelet. We went over to The Deck to deliver the bracelet… which Amy loved and put on right away! We were excited to see that both Amy and I were wearing Double Taylors! A groovy woven bracelet by Taylor, and beautiful metal bracelets by Amy Taylor!

And here they are – Double Taylors!!!

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