Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So last night I had a sleep-over with my niece Taylor and her parents. We went out for pizza after the art fair last night, then came back to their house for marshmallows & s’mores! Then she taught me how to make “rainbow loom” bracelets… all the rage with the young crowd! This morning we went out to breakfast at one of Taylor’s favorite places… for one of her favorite breakfasts… CHURRO WAFFLES!!!

Picture this… a waffle baked halfway, then deep fried, then dragged through a yummy cinnamon & sugar mixture! It’s like waffles on crack! So good. So yummy. Crunchy & fluffy all at the same time.’

It was so nice staying at my sister’s place last night. So much closer to The Barn. So much shorter of a commute than back into the city & back. Plus, fun with Taylor, s’mores AND churro waffles!!! What could be better?!


It was nice

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