Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: special events

So I arrived in Dover, Delaware today… and no, there are no white cliffs here!
A little tired after the weekend art fair in Hinsdale. To turn around, unpack from the art fair, re-pack for an extended business trip, hop on a plane and make it to Dover to kick-off the Firefly Music Festival. Yes, as part of my side job (which I lovingly refer to as “the glitter gig”), I will be in Dover for the next few weeks setting up the festival. I am the Creative Director for a special events design & production company in Chicago. We were hired again this year to do all of the scenic environments, tents, lounges & gardens at this year’s music festival. Most of our crew arrived last Friday… I’m a couple days late due to the Hinsdale Art Fair. Good to see that some of the tents have already up…

As well as the beginnings of the front entrance arch. The structure is in place, but none of the scenic printed mesh or specialty lighting is installed yet. More to come… gotta make some magic happen all around The Woodlands.

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