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Seems like it’s been raining for weeks. Okay, slight exaggeration.
I’m tired of gray & gloomy... but I couldn’t wait any longer.

I couldn’t wait any longer to ride my NEW BIKE!!!
Okay, it’s not really “mine”… but just the same.
I got a new bike to ride during our upcoming “glitter gig” in Dover, Delaware. And I’ve been wanting to get some miles on it before we pack it on the truck to ship it out East.

When I got up this morning, the roads were wet which generally sends me back to bed. But like I said, I couldn’t wait any more. So I hopped on the bike for its first maiden voyage.

Sure, I wore the wrong shoes… my real bike shoes had nothing to clip into?!
Sure, I realized there’s no water bottle… luckily, the drinking fountains are back on.
Sure, I was not excited about getting the brand new bike wet & grimy…
but it had to happen sometime, right?!

Not only did the bike get christened with it’s first ride this morning.
But I also got “christened” by some more rain during the last few miles of my ride!

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