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Getting ready for the summer art fairs… and the kids’ flower pots are dry…
so it was time to load a bisque kiln tonight. That’s one of the beauties of terra cotta.
I can do a low-fire glaze firing which also serves as a bisque kiln for my stoneware pieces.
If all goes as planned, the kids’ flower pots will be fired, done and sent to the kids soon!

Kiln Layer #1 – kid’s flower pots, wall pocket vases and some tiles

Kiln Layer #2 – kids’ water drip trays, star ornaments and tiles.

Kiln Layer #3 – one more water drip tray, spoon rests, star ornaments and more tiles.
And yes, I noticed a small glaze issue on the water tray, so I touched it up a smidge!

And here’s my kind of kiln loading…
Kiln #4 – herb flower pots, spoon rests, mugs and a lot of little kiln filler! My favorite!!!

Another good layer, if I do say so myself…
Kiln Layer #5 – mugs, ovals, cruets and some small water drip dishes.

I always love when the kiln finishes up with everything pretty darn close to the top!
So close sometimes that I wonder if the lid is going to close all the way?! Luckily, it does.

So that’s another kiln loaded… and now it’s firing. And I still have a LOT more greenware
waiting to go in. Looks like I’m going to be loading another bisque kiln pretty soon?!


Kim Torkko

March 21st, 2013

What are all the little things in the pots? Stamps?

March 25th, 2013

Ah! A full kiln is so satisfying!

Heidi Acker

April 24th, 2013

Awesome stuff. I cannot stop looking at all your stamped ware. It is just amazing.

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