Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: inspiration, movie, pottery, television

We potters have all been plagued with every reference imaginable from that scene
in “Ghost” where Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore are getting all hot & bothered while
throwing pottery on a wheel. You know the scene… and then “Unchained Melody”
plays in the background. Making it an all-too-memorable movie moment that no one
seems to forget. We hear about it all the time.

As it if were even possible, and you’ve forgotten… click here for the “Ghost” video!

And now, just when you thought that maybe “Ghost” had been forgotten…
“Glee” has brought it that scene back! Sure, not quite so sexy. But still.

So now we’ll be hearing that “unchained” reference again… now from a whole new,
younger generation who may have never even heard of “Ghost.” Great. Just great.

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