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So a pattern like this is pretty cool. Graphic. Colorful. Repetitive. Kinda fun…

Unless it shows up on your computer screen…

So I had to take it into the Apple Store for a repair.
You know it’s never a good sign when they refer to your laptop as “vintage.”
And just a quick heads-up… they don’t “fix” vintage!!! Seriously.

Apparently, any computer that is six years older than the date the stopped making that
model is considered “vintage.” And seriously, they don’t fix “vintage.” I wasn’t kidding.

So I am now the proud owner of new Apple Mac Book Pro…
Excited to have a new toy. Not so excited to have to figure it all out again…
and hope that all of my files, music & software all transferred over okay.
And just for the record.. my wallet isn’t so happy either.

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March 13th, 2013

Ouch! So sorry! Vintage – what a nice way of putting it. I think I’ll remember that one for my car ;) . May the fun of the new MacBook Pro distract you from those bank balance woes.

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