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The bowls from Tuesday night’s class are now up in my studio. And a few of them
“needed” a little more work. A little stamping… a little detailing… a little refining.

Another bowl fine in its simplicity… but even better after a ring of stamping!

During class, we reshaped this split-rim bowl into a clover. Sure. Cute enough.
But with a couple little balls of clay to cover the pinch marks and a line of stamping
to help accentuate the alteration lines… even cuter!

Another split rim bowl with pinched accents. I must admit I’m not a huge fan of seeing
the pinch parks as they look somehow “unfinished” to me. But with a couple balls of
clay and a small stamp…

Frequently, the simple ring of stamps is still the solution.
Makes that basic bowl not quite to “basic.”

So now they’re all “detailed” and back under plastic. Still a little to wet to trim.
Hopefully they’ll be ready for trimming later tonight to finish them off.


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February 1st, 2013

Your blog continues to be awesome and inspiring.
It has the best photos, demos, and explanations
Next year you better win that blogging award!

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