Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After last year’s literal “wash-out” flash flood at the Schaumburg Prairie Arts
Festival, I was concerned this morning when I got up to head out to the ‘burbs
and saw cloudy skies. As I got closer to Schaumburg, there were dark storm clouds
all over the place – and huge lighting flashes north of the expressway! Great…
another bad weather art fair weekend?! Not a great way to start the season, huh?

Well, as it turned out, the weather wasn’t as bad as it looked.
Apparently, the real storm passed north of Schaumburg. My parents drove though
blinding rain to get there. My sister in Palatine said they had huge hail storms.
Luckily, we just had dark clouds and wind… the clouds came close, but never quite
made it to the show. Thankfully.

Now I’m okay with dark clouds… I’m even okay with a little rain…
but I’m not so excited about wind. I just hate when the winds blow and the tent shakes.
I understand that my tent is pretty well staked down. It’s not going anywhere…
and if it does, we’ve much got bigger problems going on than just my booth!

As the day went on, the clouds blew out and the storms never materialized.
The sun came out and we ended up having a beautiful day in Schaumburg…
and a lot of great customers made it out to see us at the fair!

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