Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Okay, so we made it down to the North Avenue Beach when the sun finally made an
appearance this morning. From the beach, you also get a good view of the city skyline.
Flat Stanley was quick to strike a pose on the spokes of my bike!

There I was… only a few more days with Flat Stanley. He still needed to see the Big City!
So we pedaled towards Navy Pier to start his big adventure! Posing in front of the iconic
Ferris Wheel that Taylor got to ride last summer.

We also pedaled along the Chicago River and made it to Michigan Avenue.
Stanley was impressed by the big buildings… especially the gleaming white Wrigley Building!

Over the river, he was greeted by Marilyn Monroe… or at least a huge sculpture of her
in the infamous dress & stance from “Seven Year Itch.” And… for the record…
I have NO IDEA why she’s even here in Chicago?!!!! Or when she’s leaving?…

Across the plaza from Marilyn Monroe is the beautiful Chicago Tribune Building.
Striking gothic architecture with incredible “inclusions” mortared into the facade…
pieces & parts for other famous & historic buildings around the world.

Also in the Tribune Towers… the WGN Radio station! You can see the broadcasters
through the window as they work. And Stanley climbing out of my bike bag!

Then, further up Michigan Avenue, Stanley found two of his favorite friends…
and Taylor’s favorites as well! Always a happy moment when you see Mickey & Minnie
greeting you at The Disney Store.

Next we were off to the historic Chicago Water Tower. A beautiful brick building reportedly
one of the few that survived the Great Chicago Fire. Actually, I think it was the building
across the street that survived the fire… but who’s counting?!

And a trip to downtown Chicago would not be complete without a stop for some chocolate!
Sadly, they weren’t open yet… shucks…  I guess Stanley’s tour was not quite complete!

By the time that our tour had finished, I was running late. And we still needed to pedal
all the way home… into the wind!!! Needless to say, I was exhausted and running late.
I actually sent a text message to the “glitter gig” to tell them I would be coming in later.
And I blamed it all on Flat Stanley and his Big Adventure!!!





April 27th, 2012

What fun. Wish I had been there!


April 29th, 2012

what a delight. I too travelled with a Flat Stanley (Rachel), but she only got to go to Home Depot in Round Lake Beach! I think she still had fun though!

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