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While working down in my basement storage room this morning,
I was surrounded by pots, crates, shelves, boxes, more pots… & flowers?! Who’da thunk?
There I was “finally” putting away all of the remains from the Holiday Home Shows.
Trying to make some sense of the mess I call my storage space! All of the stuff that filled
my condo just “filled” my storage space with no rhyme or reason. Putting things away
trying to figure what what’s left, what kind of inventory I have and what I still need to make!
And then I saw flowers… bougainvillea and gerbera daisies!!! Sure, they’re not the brightest
or healthiest of flowers… kind of anemic & sickly. Very few green leaves left on the branches!

So at the end of the summer, I take the flower pots of my back porch and literally
just throw them down in the basement. My hope is that a few of the plants might survive
until Spring rolls around and they can go outside again. I’ll admit my track record isn’t
all that great. Because I always forget to water them! But then today, amongst the dried up
& crunchy leaves on most of the plants… there were flowers!!! Crazy.

The bougainvillea & gerbera daisies are in bloom.
I know our winter has been warmer than normal, but really?! Flowers?… Now?!

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February 21st, 2012

That is really cool!

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