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I love clever punsclever wordplay gets me every time.
I love gigglingand seeing people giggle uncontrollably in an awkward situation.
And now I love Anderson Cooper for both of those reasons.

Yes, generally professional, straight-laced, and well-respected CNN Anchor
Anderson Cooper has combined a crazy “news” story with a ton of puns and
cracks himself up. On air. On CNN. On one of the most respected news shows
in the country!!! Imagine him doing this while interviewing the President…
or the Queen Mother… or reporting from the front lines in Iraq… or while hosting
“The Mole.” Yes, some of us do remember that he got his start on broadcast TV
as the host of the reality show “The Mole.” We should have known then…

Click here for the video… Anderson Cooper Giggling on CNN

And then, the following evening on CNN, he revisits the incident and puts humself
on “The Ridiculist” and calls out other on-air TV gigglers! More giggling fun…

Click here for the follow-up video… Anderson Cooper Puts Himself on “The Ridiculist.”

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