Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Okay… I’m kind of embarrassed to say this…
to admit that I actually watched this show and kind of liked it…
sure it was pretty darn schmarmy, too schmaltzy and over-produced…
but you know I love a good Flash Mob. So tonight I watch Howie Mandel’s
“Mobbed” on TV. Some schmuck proposed to his overly-controlling girlfriend
while people danced all around them… and then married her on the spot.
I know I should be embarrassed… but it was a Flash Mob!!!

But there is one good thing I can share from my night in the studio…
One of my favorite “tricks” I learned from potter & friend Emily Murphy while she was
still one of my studio neighbors at Lillstreet.  And that would be the ever-popular and
very necessary plastic-wrapped TV remote control. Yep, just take a clean clay bag and some
clear box sealing tape. Wrap it as cleanly & thinly as possible… and voila’
your remote control won’t get all gunked up with clay! And then you too, can watch far too
much bad television while you work in your studio!!! Did I mention that also I watched
“American Idol” before “Mobbed”?… could it get any worse?

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