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Tonight I went to the Chicago Theater with my friend Nancy for a great concert.
Okay, I will admit that it was an odd evening. And that’s putting it nicely…

The concert was Jackson Browne, with special guest David Lindley. So my friend Nancy
tells me that Jackson Browne is her all-time favorite pop star. And that she’s seen him
in concert over 50 times!!! Now I’m not sure I even know who he is?!

The concert started with an acoustic set with Jackson Browne & David Lindley.
I could tell right away that they are very talented, but I didn’t recognize a single song!!!
After intermission, Jackson Browne returned with his full band behind him. Again…
I could tell that they were all very talented. Again… didn’t recognize a single song!
It was very weird being in a sold-out concert where everyone is “totally into it” –
and me, kinda lost, not knowing anything?!

But then very close to the end, he did play a great rendition of “Running On Empty”…
finally, a song that I knew!!!

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