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This weekend is the Northwoods Art Tour up in Wisconsin. Just in time for Fall colors too!
And my friend Amy Higgason is participating in the tour again this summer. She’s a great
potter who used to work at Lillstreet Art Center with the rest of us. But then she decided
to “fly the coop” and move up to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Since then, the has made
a nice home for herself, as well as a beautiful studio! And she’ll be showing off her studio
this weekend… Amy Higgason at Pigeon Road Pottery.

It’s going to be three days of fun… and a lot of art to boot! Each day from 10:00am-5:00pm.
Friday, October 1st  –  Saturday, October 2nd  –  Sunday, October 3rd.

Amy will be Studio #14 on the big tour. Also joining Amy will be potter Katlyn Koester
as her guest artist. Both of them make beautiful pots, whimsical decorative pieces and
so much more! Too much talent for just one stop on the Art Tour!!!

I will be traveling up to the Northwoods to help Amy for the weekend – and would love
to see you stop by. Amy makes this incredible work that is quite detailed & intricate.
A lot of textures and patterns. Some of it has sprigs & carving, while others are more
slip & sgraffito illustrations! Incredible work. Come check it out.
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November 14th, 2010

Hi- Lucky for me I have stumbled across your blog. I had never seen the work of Amy Higgason and am so inspired! Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to the Northwoods Art Tour to see it in person.
Thanks! – Laurie

November 14th, 2010

HEY LAURIE – So glad you stumbled upon me and my little blog. And I’m glad you like my friend Amy’s work. She has such a great style & beautiful attention to detail. Make sure you check out her blog listed in my “Links” section. As well has “Pigeon Road Pottery” on Facebook. And thanks for stopping by!

November 14th, 2010

LAURIE – I just checked out your website and I can definitely see why you were drawn to Amy Higgason’s work. Some of your designs are SO similar to her’s. Especially some of your stoneware pieces that are carved, sprigged, dotted and glazed in an earthy green glaze. I especially like your porcelain sgraffito work! So clean, so precise and such a great design aesthetic. Did you used to be a graphic designer?… I’m just asking because both Amy and I were in our “previous corporate lives.” And your stacked totem poles are so precious. I love ’em!!!

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