Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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My niece Taylor turns four tomorrow… and a talented new ceramic artist!
To celebrate the big day, she stopped by the studio today to play in the clay
and make some art. Mom & Dad came with… and they got their fingers dirty too!

We started with terra cotta plates – press molded into Chinet paper plates
as molds. She rolled small balls and pressed them flat into the mold. After
filling the plate and smoothing her edges, it was time to press patterns & letters
into the surface. And then paint it with colored underglazes!


After the plates… she was very excited about trying to throw on the wheel.
I tried to explain that we typically don’t start teaching kids wheelthrowing until they are
eight years old. But she would hear none of it. She was determined. She was on a mission.
She dove right in with reckless abandon unafraid of the mess & splatter!


So once we cleaned up, she opened her birthday presents and we went out for pizza.
As the day wore on, she understandably wore out. It was a big day for our little artist.
Yet a very fun day in the studio for everyone… splash… splatter… and smiles!!!
Even a few “stool races” up & down the hallway outside my studio!!!


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