Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So this past weekend was my annual Holiday Home Show.
And I would like all of my faithful customers for making it a rousing success!
It was great to see so many familiar faces hanging out & relaxing in my place.

With pots in every room of my condo, it was a great kick-off for the holiday shopping
season. Some rushed in with shopping list in tow. Others were just there to browse.
Either way, it was great to see everyone having fun & enjoying the holiday ambiance.
Especially those who I’ve met this past summer on the art fair circuit
who finally got to come to my home and see my widest pottery selection to date!
Always more work displayed at the Home Show than I can squeeze into my 10’x10′ tent.
Plus, many people took time to admire my tile wall… all 2,894 tiles of it!

Plus, the ever-popular “Tired Of Shlepping Sale” drew rave reviews by many bargain
shoppers. The shelves were filled with pieces I’m tired of “shlepping” around
to all of the art fairs, plus some class demo pieces… and a few with minor damage
or “kisses” from the kiln – a few drips, a couple chunks from the kiln ceiling.
With great discount pricing, these sale racks are always a big draw! You should have
seen the gridlock surrounding the clearance shelves first thing Saturday morning!!!

Thanks again to everyone who found time to fit my Home Show into their hectic schedule.
And mark your calendar now for next year… it’s ALWAYS the weekend before Thanksgiving!!!

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