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Someone asked me last night what I was listening to on my iPod while I was glazing. It occurred to me that I’m frequently listening to the same music. My “default” music I like to call it. The music I listen to if nothing else strikes me at the time. And it seems that it’s always on – on my iPod, in the studio and at home!

Okay, so here goes my musical confession… I’m a huge Cirque du Soleil groupie – and my “default” music is always the soundtrack from the various Cirque shows. When I saw my first Cirque du Soleil show Alegria, I was instantly mesmerized by the music – and have been musically entranced ever since.

So I thought I would offer up a listing my Top Ten favorite Cirque du Soleil songs… but then it became twenty… and then thirty… and I had to end it at thirty-five?! I’m not so good with limits…

Here’s my list in alphabetical order… I wanted to prioritize them, but I started to drive myself crazy!

Alegria – Alegria
Alone – Delirium
Ballare – Dralion
Bello Amore – Zumanity
Bolero – Nouvelle Experience
Bridge of Sorrow – Delirium
Carrousel – Quidam
El Cielo Sabra – Corteo
El Pendulo – Varekai
If I Could Reach Your Heart – Ka
Journey Of Man – Journey Of Man
Kero Hireyo – Varekai
Koudamare – Ka
Kumbalawe – Saltimbanco
La Nova Alegria – Delirium
Let Me Fall – Quidam
Marelle – Quidam
Mio Bello Bello Amore – Zumanity
Miracula Aeternitatis – Dralion
Movimento – Varekai
Mutationis – Varekai
O Makunde – Ka
Ombra – Dralion
Querer – Alegria
Quidam – Quidam
Sans Toi – Delirium
Stella Errans – Dralion
Sun Drum Fun – Varekai
Vai Vedrai – Alegria
Valsapena – Alegria
Vocea – Varekai
Volo Volando – Corteo
We’ve Been Waiting So Long – Ka
Zydeko – Quidam

And because I like it so much… there’s another version that also makes my list…
Alegria – Alegria: The Film


Cam Krenz

September 26th, 2008

hey uncle gary

i need to show u what real music sounds like 😉


October 8th, 2008

How about your top ten songs of all time? Has it changed over the last few years?

My list is up to about 25 songs.

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