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Categories: art fair, blogs, mugs

Coming soon… My Annual Online Pottery Sale.
Typically my “Happy December Sale” has been held on December 1st.
But who knew that tomorrow is already December!? Well, not me.

So instead, I think we might be celebrating St. Nick with a weekend sale
on Facebook. More details & more mugs to come!!!

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With the holidays quickly upon us… and the year drawing to a close…
I see that we’re nearing another great milestone on Facebook.
We are within striking distance of 3,000 Fans!!!

‘Tis the season to be sharing… ’tis the season to be clicking…

Click here to go to my Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page.
Click FOLLOW to get quick studio updates, photos, stories and more…
and “quite possibly” a few sunrise photos from my morning bike ride addiction!
And then “SHARE” the fun with your friends… and let’s hit that 3,000 mark!!!

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WHOO-HOO!!! We’ve just passed another Facebook milestone. And I still remember when I didn’t think I needed to be on Facebook because I had nothing worthwhile to share. Apparently I was wrong. Thanks to everyone who continues to follow my pottery adventures, visual explorations, and just “a few” biking sunrises along the way! Remember, you may not get all of the posts in your News Feed, so check back and read the full Fire When Ready Pottery Facebook page every now & again. And remember to “share” with your friends… I think we should shoot for 3,000 by the end of the year! Thanks again.

And oh, but wait there’s more… you can also do a “search” for Fire When Ready Pottery on Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. You can find me & follow me pretty much everywhere! Have fun!!!

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And for those who REALLY like photos…
Click on the QSR code to go straight to my INSTAGRAM page!
The click FOLLOW. Now you can enjoy your quick-fix of fun photos!!!

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So now that I’m on Instagram, and yet still not quite sure what I’m doing
I’ve been wondering to myself what the difference is for me?!

How should I treat Instagram different from blogging or Facebook?
So I think I’ve come up with a plan.

Since Instagram is really all about pictures, that’s what you’ll get.
Altered pictures. Vintage-aged pictures. Filtered pictures. Pictures!!!

However, I’m thinking that the blog & Facebook will continue to get stories & real photos. While my Instagram feed will be photos with filters!!! I figure since they offer them up, I might as well be using them, right? So if you like “altered” photos go to my Instagram page. If you want clearer, truer & straight-forward photos & stories, stay here! Or what the heck, do both!!!

So there it is… a little something for everyone!
Unfiltered or Filtered. You choose…

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Okay, so I’ve been resisting it for awhile now…
Several people have told me that I really need to get started on Instagram.
I’ve been avoiding it for quite awhile. Not sure  “why” I really need to do it.
I’m already so busy with blogging & Facebook.

But when I got to Minneapolis, and went to dinner with friends… Emily Murphy “spearheaded the campaign” and got me set-up on my iPhone right there at the diner table. For those who remember, she’s ALSO the one who “spearheaded” by blogging adventure too! So now I’m on Instagram?!… and need to start posting some photos!!! Maybe tomorrow…

So when you get a chance, do a quick search for me and/or Fire When Ready Pottery and start following on Instagram too!! I’m not really sure yet what this new adventure will become, but I’m onboard and ready to give it a try!


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Somehow I missed this?…
but at some point over the weekend we surpassed 2,400 Facebook Fans!!!

Thanks to everyone who continues to follow my foibles & follies on Facebook!
Remember, the more you click Like (or leave Comments) the more of my posts
you’ll see in your News Feed!!!

Click here to go directly to my pottery page on Facebook. then click LIKE!!!

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Who would’a guessed that five years ago today I first joined on Facebook?!
Since then, I’ve gathered a bunch of great Facebook Friends & Fans… and shared a lot of photos, stories & some pottery fun along the way. Thanks for “indulging” me and my biking sunrise addiction! And here’s to (at least) another five of Facebook Fun!!! Thanks for playing!

Click here to go to Fire When Ready Pottery on Facebook… and click LIKE.

And remember, the more you click LIKE or Comment on the postings, the more of my postings will show up in your News Feed. You don’t want to miss a good one along the way!
There’s always more going on than what the folks at Facebook
“allow” you to see
from the business pages you’ve chosen to follow.

Here’s a quick five-year flashback….
and my very first biking sunrise posted on Facebook just five short years ago!
Some things never change…

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If you respect the Original, the Personal, the Authentic – You are a CITIZEN too.
Declare yourself… and tell everyone “I AM NOT A LEMMING.”

Click here for more information about “Citizens of Craft.”
A website & group, both under construction…. growing, evolving & becoming
a community of Citizens! Are YOU a lemming or a Citizen of Craft?!

For those who want a quick glimpse, here is their simple 10-point manifesto…
of course their website if more fun & visually-inspiring, so go there. But if not…

You’re not a follower; you trust your own tastes and live by them.\

As an authentic human being, you appreciate things that don’t scream assembly line.

You believe objects with personal, tactile histories engage with your world better than the anonymously mass-produced.

You weren’t made in a factory, so you prefer not to bury your life with things that are.

You connect more strongly with things made by a pair of hands – the original 10-digit machine.

You prefer objects that mirror your individual taste, rather than fit some monster demographic.

You are as much a fan of time-honored techniques as you are of their contemporary interpretations.

In a me-too world, you appreciate that Craft brings different cultures and perspectives into your space.

Craft objects evoke their makers, letting you surround yourself with not just things, but personalities.

You value how each maker’s unique expression bonds us as a richer community.

Please click here for their website. Declare yourself a Citizen.
Appreciate, engage & encourage the Arts. Whether making art yourself,
patronizing the Arts or encouraging your favorite Artists to follow their passion.
Be Original. Be Personal. Be Authentic.

Be a Citizen of Craft.