Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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With ART IN THE GARDEN getting closer & closer… we have just under two weeks to complete all of our collaborations! These little pottery pocket pieces were “designed” by metalsmith Amy Taylor as she already had a “plan” for them. So I made a bunch, stamped & soda-fired them… and now I can’t wait to see what Amy has planned for them?! She’s being kinda secretive about it… but hinted that it “might not” include any metal?!!! Crazy, right?… as she’s known for her amazing metal work & hinges!!!


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As if Cory’s collaboration pieces weren’t cool enough… now they’re getting cute too!
Looks like she’s been adding some adorable accents in certain places…
like birds sitting on a fence for ART IN THE GARDEN!!!

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Just a couple of the porcelain buttons going into the soda kiln… hoping that the tenmoku glaze inlay helps “pop” the pattern after firing. Some of these might become part of my collaboration with Jill Miller of Hooey Batiks for ART IN THE GARDEN!!!

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Looks like things are coming along nicely in Cory’s studio…
more of the collaboration pieces she’s working on for ART IN THE GARDEN!!!
Hopefully our pieces & parts will “play well” with each other!!!

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More from Cory’s studio… more teasers of the collaboration project we’re working on
for ART IN THE GARDEN. Textures & curves… more to come!

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And speaking of ART IN THE GARDEN collaborations…
here’s another one I’ve been working on with Jill Miller of Hooey Batiks!
Looking forward to seeing what she does with these porcelain buttons…
of course after they’re glazed!

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Working on my collaboration project with Cory McCrory for ART IN THE GARDEN. She may have had a bit of a head-start… but I think I did pretty good at catching up today!!! More to come…

Okay, now let’s not get crazy…
these are three views of the same cylinders!!! It’s NOT over  a hundred cylinders!!!

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One of the best parts of ART IN THE GARDEN is that we get to “play with” the other artists on some fun collaboration projects. Looks like my pal Cory McCrory has already started her part… guess I need to get started on MY part of the project too! She’s got a good head-start on me… hopefully I’ll “catch-up” tomorrow!!!

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HUGE CONGRATS to my friend & former pottery student Martin Chadwick for winning BEST OF SHOW at this weekend’s Southport Arts Festival. Not only is he a fine potter, but his paintings are out-of-this-world!!! And it’s so exciting to see that his amazing talent & creative efforts have been rewarded. Well done Mate!

Click here to see more of Martin’s amazing paintings!!!

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Loving the beautiful mosaics downtown at the Gallery 37 Gallery… made by the talented kids from After School Matters. Quite impressive… beautiful colors, striking patterns & great craftsmanship. Keep up the good work kids!!!