Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Sure, the art collection inside the Art Institute is pretty darn AMAZING. But outside is pretty cool too… with a great mix of modern architecture on the Modern Wing juxtaposed with the vintage Chicago Stock Exchange arch by Louis Sullivan.

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So sure, this week of Summer Camp may be all about Sculpture.
But what my little campers may not have realized is that they are going to learn a LOT of art history along the way! Make it a game and they’ll never know what hit them!

I started them with some flash card of famous artworks by famous artists.
I chose some of the bigger names with very identifiable styles. They loved it. And then it was especially fun to see them get excited when they saw some of the same artists on the walls of the Art Institute. Room by room, gallery by gallery, they were excited when they recognized an artist.. and I gave them a “Pop Quiz” along the way to have them name the artist before they could read the placard on the wall.

So here are a few of the artists they saw at the Art Institute…
and THEY can name they all!!! Can you name them all???

By the end of the week, they will have all memorized about 35 different artists and their most famous artworks. And they still think it’s a game?!!! Ha!!!


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Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking my Summer Campers to the Art Institute for some artistic inspiration. I love watching their little faces light up when they see artworks they know, love or are surprised by for the first time. Like this Jackson Pollock that Max asked about & waited all day to see! He was mesmerized… and I LOVED seeing that in him!

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Today was the first day of another week of Summer Camp. A new group of campers settling in this morning and drawing freehand on the paper-covered table. And then THIS happened!!! One of the girls just sat down a drew this wonderful creature… now I just can’t wait to see what else Rebecca makes this week during camp!!!


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Label, stamp. Label, stamp. Label, label, label. Stamp, stamp, stamp.
The second wave of postcards are headed off to the Post Office
just in time for the second daily pick-up!

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Always fun to see my “pottery-pal” Suze Lindsay from North Carolina and her amazing textures, patterns, brushwork and soda-fired effects on the St. Croix River Valley Pottery Tour. She’s always a ray of sunshine on the tour!



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One of the side “perks” of doing the whole Pottery Tour thing is watching for the signs
along the road just north of Taylors Falls for The Rogue Potters. A fun group of potters
making their own way… with a great, “well-seasoned” wood kiln and a really cool
brick chimney going right through the roof!!




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Great to see my friend & former teacher Steve Lee
showing at one of the pottery tour stops on Friday.
Luckily, one of his inlaid porcelain plates came home with me!!
So great to have Talented Friends!!!

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With predictions of rain & clouds for last Friday, it sure turned out beautiful…
especially bright & cheery with the colorful works of Karin Kraemer
on the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour.

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Our first stop Friday on the St. Croix Pottery Tour found us having a nice chat with sgraffito master Matt Metz. And then this beauty decided it “had to” come home with me to join my ever-growing Matt Metz Collection. First souvenir of the St. Croix Pottery Tour!