Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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So here’s a little glaze dilemma!!!

One of my Intermediate Wheel students is working on an installation piece with multiple platters on the wall. She’s been working on them for awhile… but brought this one to me asking what happened to her glaze there in the middle?! Maya didn’t do anything different here… so why this rectangular blemish in the middle of her platter???

Anyone… anyone?… Bueller, Bueller???

So this platter had a crack around the footring. Maya asked me if she could still glaze fire it as a glaze test… to make sure she likes the combo for the replacement platter she’s going to make. I said sure, but maybe you should put a note on it so the kiln loaders don’t reject it because of the crack.

Looks like the fired the platter WITH THE NOTE STILL ON IT!!!
You can practically see the lines of her handwriting “fused” into the glaze!!! I guess maybe next time her note should also remind them to remove the note BEFORE firing the piece?!

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