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Sure, they may close down the Lakefront Trail which is my usual sunrise bike route. But that doesn’t mean I can be creative and find other safe options & other sunrise routes! Windy, gusty & a little bit drizzly… but worth every moment.

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Okay, so we’ve all become so accustomed to Mugshot Monday…
so let’s try something new… as I’ll be switching it up a bit.
Why not make it a “Mug-SHOP Monday” for this coming Monday?!

Monday morning at 10:00am CST I will be posting a photo album on Facebook with a dozen handmade mugs that are going up for sale! I don’t do a lot of online selling… but I figure right about now you’ve gotten tired of that old, boring mug you’ve been sequestered with. Might be time for a NEW ONE!!!

So check out my Facebook Fire When Ready Pottery page
at 10:00am CST on Monday, March 30, 2020. The first person to claim a mug as “MINE” in the Comments section of each page of the Photo Album will get that mug! Each mug will be $55 which includes shipping & handling within the contiguous United States. Easy enough right?… presuming that USPS plays along and we’re still allowed to ship things out during this crisis!

So here’s a SNEAK PEAK of the twelve mugs going up for sale on Monday. Remember, there is no shopping from this preview…
that can only be done Monday morning on my Facebook page… click here!

Mug A –

Mug B –

Mug C –

Mug D –

Mug E –

Mug F –

Mug G –

Mug H –

Mug I –

Mug J –

Mug K –

Mug L –

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So I was “extra” productive this afternoon…
I separated this bottle of coins into four separate bottles.
I mean, it just HAD to be done, right?!!!

So what did YOU accomplish today???

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Okay, so Mayor Lori Lightfoot totally locked down the Chicago Lakefront yesterday. Too many people gathering on Wednesday while it was so nice out. So now those of us who were consistently using the lakefront trail for exercise with appropriate social distancing are LOCKED OUT, along with everybody else. But here’s a good one… see what Elsa thinks about being LOCKED IN.

Click here to watch Elsa’s LOCKED IN video on YouTube!

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One of the benefits of “self-isolating” in my studio tonight was that I could sing out loud… and there’s no one there to tell me to keep it down!!! Watched “OKLAHOMA” tonight for free streaming online with Hugh Jackman… long before his Wolverine days!

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Oh yeah… and a couple stamped porcelain bowls while I was on a stampin’ kick! …again!

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Tonight I got to do a little stamping here & there… and there… and there… just a few more porcelain cylinders working their towards becoming more mugs!!!

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After Steve Lee, we were also treated to my pal Mike Stumbras on INSTAGRAM LIVE! Mikey took us on a wonderful “tour” of his ceramic journey through education, history, dead things and so much more! His work is amazing… so if you’re not following him on Instagram yet, you definitely should be!

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This afternoon on INSTAGRAM LIVE, I got to watch one of my former teachers Steve Lee working in his studio at The Archie Bray in Montana. He did a few demos of how he trims pieces on a chuck, carves his designs and inlays his colored slips. We also got a sneak peek of their soda kiln being loaded.

This social distancing is new for all of us, but in some weird way we’re getting to “see more” of everyone on social media. Weird, right?!

If you follow Archie Bray on INSTAGRAM, it sounds like they’re going to try doing these LIVE events every Friday afternoon during the pandemic. Check it out for a little more ceramic inspiration… and great diversion from all of that self-isolating going on!!!