Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Mark your calendar to come out to The Barn this weekend for my biggest “outdoor” art fair of the year!!! Technically I’m inside the Lower Barn E4-E6 with an open wall, so not quite “outdoors”… but I do have a DOUBLE BOOTH!!! More than twice as much pottery as a normal art fair. Including some festive fall items like pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns and the latest addition to The Ghouls Collection!!! Come on out to Barrington this weekend for ART IN THE BARN on the grounds of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital. Hope to see you there Saturday or Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm!

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Another crisp & clear morning ride along the lake. Fall is definitely in the air… and I was VERY happy that I had pulled out the long-sleeved jersey before I head out this morning. Especially with that ride right into the headwind all the way home! Brrrrr….

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And it looks like the kids are cranking out some beautiful Fall Leaves too…
just cooling in the kiln!

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It’s the FIRST DAY OF FALLand it looks like Mother Nature got the memo!!!


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Still working in the studio trying to make some quick Ghouls…
and nothing is EVER quick! Not sure if it’s making FORTY of them,
or the painfully awkward Emmy Awards broadcast that I’m also watching on TV.
What? No host?… and do we really need to hype FOX’s own “The Masked Singer” any more??? Nope!!! It’s driving me batty!

And do I even need to mention that crazy dance production number in the middle that made absolutely no sense!!!… who was that, what was it there, more of the Masked Singers… and a juggler with a cardboard Meryl Streep mask?! What was that?!!!

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Okay, jack o’lanterns done for now… still needing a bit of clean-up, a touch of underglaze and some clear low-fire glaze before the hit the kiln! But until then… I really, REALLY have to focus on those new “ghouls” for this year’s addition to “The Ghouls Collection.” Enough procrastinating… you’d think this is some sort of “fly by night” operation here!!!

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Okay, so I know I’m “supposed” to be working on the latest addition to “The Ghouls Collection” for next weekend at ART IN THE BARN. But somehow these pumpkins just keep popping up?!!! Not too shabby since I just threw these guys yesterday, huh?!


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Last night while I was soda firing, a few of these little cuties “sprouted” in my studio.
Still need a bit of underglaze colors and a firing before showing up next weekend
at ART IN THE BARN!!! Saturday, September 28th & Sunday, September 29th
on the grounds of Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington, Illinois.

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So my soda kiln firing seemed to go well yesterday. Fired very smoothly without any problem. So much fun to see it when the kiln is in reduction at the top temperatures and you’re adding the soda mixtures to create this fiery “explosion” shooting out everywhere!!! A magical moment… hopefully creating its own magic on my pots inside!!!

We’ll find out tomorrow night when I unload the kiln!!!
And so the waiting begins…

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Okay, so I’ve thrown all FORTY base cylinders…
and a few pumpkins while I was at it. Now it’s time to start “Ghoul-ifying” them.
Just adding another Ghoul to the collection next weekend at ART IN THE BARN!!!