Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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A beautiful day for riding, with some beautiful flora along the way… and some fauna too!
We saw lot of Nature along the way, some beautiful flowers, a groovy espalier…
and about sixteen deer along the way!!!

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Beautiful blue skies. Beautiful vista over the lake.
Panoramic photo needed to capture the beauty!

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Some mornings it’s tough to get out & onto the bike…
like this morning when it was already raining!

Chris & I decided to change our route today, and we waited until the rain stopped… and then headed north… as far as we could where the PATH ENDED!!! Sure glad we did as it turned out to be a GORGEOUS day as we went up through the lagoons, up to the Naval Base and enjoyed playing along the Lake on the way back. Such a wonderful ride!!!



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Feeling a little uninspired this afternoon… so it’s back to my favorites

Playing with porcelain and throwing another batch of cylinders
that will soon be stamped, trimmed, handled and MUG-ified!!!

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Big sunrise sky-shows require big sunrise photos!!!
And this morning had one of them!!!

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With a surprising start to a surprisingly nice day, it was good to see that sliver of sunrise color coming through before the sun went away behind the clouds. The forecast wasn’t so good for this weekend… but it looks like we’re off to a good start… with another BEAUTIFUL sunrise!!!


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A quick treat after the end of this week’s Summer Camp. A trio of amazing ice cream flavors from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in Old Town… Blackout Chocolate Cake, Goat Cheese & Red Cherries, and the new Atlantic Beach Pie! Great camp, great ending!

Categories: glaze, summer camp, terra cotta

Today my Summer Campers finished all of their pieces… glazing all of their stoneware pieces warm out of the kiln, as well as trimming, glazing & finishing their terra cotta pieces they made yesterday! Here’s two of my favorites… especially the bowl with the great glaze pattern… and you know how I LOVE a great spiral!!!

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After a fun morning of Summer Camp yesterday, I zipped over to Six Flags Great America for a fun outing with my sister Jen, niece Taylor and cousin Kim… the “Fun-Foursome” with our Season Passes!!! It started out a little cloudy, but that soon passed and it became a beautiful evening playing in the park, zooming on the coasters & eating some great “park food”!!!

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Yesterday when I came in early for Summer Camp… I found that one of the adult students had already set-up their “stuff” at one of the pottery wheels. Wow, that’s early… considering it was at last an hour before Lillstreet even opens!!! But imagine “their” surprise when they find out that every wheel in this room (all fourteen of them) were soon going to be taken by a bunch of shall-we-say “energetic” early-teens… with a LOT of terra cotta flying about!!!