Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Another fun day running through the streets of Chicago for this year’s SHAMROCK SHUFFLE. My first outdoor run of the year went surprisingly well & I had a great time… okay, sure there were a few photo stops along the way, but who’s counting… it’s not “really” as race, right??? Well, not for me anyway…

I always have THREE basic rules for these races…
1.  Finish.   -   2.  Have fun.   -   3.  Don’t hurt anything.
And if you can stop to take some pictures along the way… even better!!!

Some fluid replacements at the Finish Line… and bananas of course!!!

And this is what THOUSANDS of Finisher Medals look like… times ten!!! At least.

And yes, I got mine… another one for the rack at home!

After the race we walked to brunch… cause I needed more than bananas!!!
Always fun to walk through downtown as we so frequently take it for granted!

After the race & lunch, I did a little “field trip” of my own.
And then finally at home to stretch, relax and shower… and then off to the studio!




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Feels like Spring is “almost” here… and in just TWO WEEKS I kick-off my art fair season with the Prairie View Arts Invitational in Naperville! It’s a sweet little show and a great kick-off to the season… feels good to get out of the house and start showing off some of the things I’ve been working on through the Winter months!

So here are the details… hope you can join us!!!


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Freshly thrown, just off the wheel… a batch of pitchers-to-be!
Tomorrow they’ll be stamped… and if all goes well, trimmed & handled too?!!!
Fingers crossed.

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A beautiful night out in Elgin visiting my parents. I got out there just in time
for a quick walk over to the lake for a sliver of sunset beauty…
and no buildings blocking it like back in the City!

Tall grasses by the lake after a long Winter.

Wispy seed pods being released.

Shaggy layers of birch paper peeling right off the tree.

And a beautiful sunset over a small lake near my parents’ house… we got there just in time!

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Another beautiful morning that felt as though Spring might actually be here… kinda…
if it weren’t for that brisk headwind the whole way home!!!

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To celebrate the last class of our LILLSTREET THROWDOWN class, we threw another potluck. And I decided to make a cheesecake… with homemade hot fudge… on a handmade platter. I considered it my own personal “throwdown.”

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It’s the last week for my pottery classes… and we like to celebrate with some potluck yummies. Last night we had a great spread… much in thanks to Patty for bringing this beautiful tray of delectable yumminess!

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It’s the First Day of Spring… still rainy & cold,
but with a little glimmer of hope in my front yard.

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The morning started out crisp & clear with airplanes lining up towards O’Hare.
But then clear skies prevailed with just a few clouds dancing their way across the sky
as it turned orange & BEAUTIFUL!!! Don’t forget… SPRING starts tomorrow…
and I’m more than ready for it!!!


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Now that all of the berry bowls are stamped, trimmed and drilled with holes…
now they need drip plates to catch the water after washing your berries!
Here we go… giddy-up!