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Okay, so right off the bat… I need to apologize for not having the best photos this time!
I regret NOT getting photos of everyone’s nesting bowl sets. The bowls were all squeezed onto one table… some were stacked… some were not.. some were still too wet to move… and my mind was swirling knowing that I had to pick the TOP TWO… and more importantly, knowing that I had a LOT of crazy fun challenges that we had to get started quickly if we were going to get around to all of them?!

So this week’s homework challenge was a set of three wheelthrown nesting bowls. A tough challenge to get done in just one week! And to up the ante even more… I added a secondary challenge for EXTRA CREDIT BONUS POINTS!!! If the they were to make a nesting set of FIVE bowls and still get chosen for the TOP TWO… they would win huge bonus points!!!

Donna made this adorable set of nesting bowls…
a wonderful set for the “handbuilder” in the class! Her fit & sizing was spot-on!

Dave went for a nesting set of FIVE… but had a few issues along the way…
so he ended with a set of four porcelain bowls decorated with some blue underglaze.

Susan went for a set of FIVE nesting bowls.. and took a narrative spin on “nesting” as well!!! She bowls were beautifully decorated on the outside with some colored slip and sgraffito “nest” and “leaf” patterns. She even went as far has having nests & eggs inside a few of them… and an “empty nest” for when the kids leave!

Claire made a lot of bowls that all stacked well… and were ULTRA-light!!! Some brushed on colored slip details to bring them all together!

Patti was chosen as one of the TOP TWO with these very well-thrown,
well-trimmed and perfecting nesting bowls. The simple perfection of the underglaze
decoration helped with the win!

Tatiana won the BIG BONUS PRIZE for her set of five nesting bowls…
well, actually more than FIVE!!! Again so sorry I didn’t get a photo of her full set stacked.
were pretty wet still, so they were stacked & unstacked very quickly by Tatiana.
She threw several porcelain bowls and then altered their shape and gave them
some great textures & patterns scraped on the outsides!

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