Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: kiln firing

All too soon my deadlines are creeping up on me… and I’ve got to get my act together if I’m going to have everything ready for ART IN THE GARDEN. So I’ve fast-dried a few things and they’re going in for a bisque firing. Layer by layer… a LOT more to be glazing!!!

Layer #1 – bowls, platters, mugs and more.

Layer #2 – mugs, mugs, more mugs… and some fun filler stuff.

Layer #3 – soap dispensers, mugs, fortune cookies and some collaboration pieces!

Layer #4 – more collaboration pieces… and some collaboration trays to go with them!

Layer #4-1/2 – pretty much the same… just more trays and some clay “rubble.”

And you know I love a well-packed kiln…
especially when it all piles in and comes so close to the top.
It kills me to leave empty space in a kiln… NOT this time!!!

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