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So I just finished taking down my Christmas decorations…
and I’m ALREADY back in the studio making new Christmas ornaments!!!
Too soon? I hope not. I’ve got a plan… and a Challenge!!!

I’ve been playing some porcelain and stamping in a stylized Christmas tree pattern.
Contemporary swirls for the holidays.

To keep them flat, I’m drying them on some of that plastic grid they sell at hardware stores for fluorescent lighting panels. I raise the panels up just a bit on wood. That way, they can dry evenly on both sides which helps prevent warpage.

So my plan is to bisque fire these, then glaze them. I was planning on a saturated cone 6 kelly green color glaze… but now I’m starting to wonder if a few of them should stay white?! It might be a White Christmas after all???…. eleven months from now!!!

And what about the Challenge???
Well, this is just the first batch… of the first month… of the New Year.
Eleven more monthly ornaments to come!!!

But it would be more fun with friends, right?


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Lisa Vanderlaan

January 29th, 2016

If you leave just bisque fired people can put essential oils on them put them in there cars or in their houses. I should love to have one to do that with. Snowflakes are my favorite thing.

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