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One of the many benefits of riding your bike (instead of sitting inside a sealed car) is that you actually get to see, hear, feel and smell everything around you. Including the wonderful whiffs of perfumed morning air from these red “honeysuckle” trumpet flowers that are climbing all over the place.

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On the side of Persimmon Tree Road, juts before it meets Bayside Road, there’s this quaint little cemetery in the middle of a warm wheat field. Turns out it is the final resting place for some of the Pleasonton family… one of the original founding families in the Dover area. Such a sweet place. Quiet. Small. Serene. A wonderful history dating back to 1836.

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But the BEST ONE might not be the biggest. Bigger is not always better.
But I did save the BEST for last!!!

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The clouds moved in just as the sun continued to rise. The deep, dark saturated colors dissipated a bit as the sun started to splash across the clouds. The combination of the two created quite a moody morning and some beautiful silhouettes of the Port Mahon fishing pier.

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Not too many waterfront options for my morning addiction. I keep checking my Google Maps hoping to find one I haven’t been to yet. No dice. I think I’ve covered them all… well, at least all of the ones that are close enough to pedal to in the morning and still make it back in time to get to work on time. So this morning, I decided to return to Port Mahon. And so glad that I did as the early morning colors were incredibly saturated. Beautiful!!!

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Well, you know it was too good to be true. And yes, sometimes the weather forecasters get it right. Today the storms rolled through as predicted. Incredible dark clouds, huge gusts of winds and the promise of thunder & lightning was enough for us to evacuate the festival grounds. While most people scrambled for cover… I kinda enjoyed the crazy weather, grabbed my camera and got a few cool shots of the incoming storm clouds.

And huge clouds covering the Main Stage…

And the clouds behind me over the main midway as we made our way to our Crew Compound and the staff exit.

And then I hopped on my bike and pedaled to the safety of my hotel room for the night. Of course I had to stop one more time… as the dark clouds were gaining on us and Dover International Speedway was in its path.

Can’t wait to see what muddy mess tomorrow brings!!!



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Well I surely didn’t know. Hummock???… never heard of the word!!!
I was just glad that there was an abandoned beach for my sunrise addiction.
Sure there were a few beachside resort houses… but no people.
Just sand & water as far as the eye could see both north & south.

It wasn’t until I was leaving that I noticed the historical marker.
And that explained it… kinda. So now I know what a “hummock” is… kinda.

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A big photo with a big sky full of pastel colors over Kitt’s Hummock.

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This morning I was feeling adventurous and decided to go further south to a new beach for me. I keep looking at the Google Map on my phone to see if there are other options for a good water-side sunrise. Looks like I’ve done most of them… except for this one! So this morning I woke up a little earlier and pedaled off into the darkness. Part way down, as I was rounding the Air Force Base, the morning colors were starting to peek through… sooner than I would like… all I could do was pedal faster!!!

Luckily, by the time I got to Kitt’s Hummock, the morning sky was still changing colors. Turning a beautiful range of pastel colors.

And again… not a single soul on the beach besides me!!! Gotta love a sunrise just for ME!!!


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