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Yesterday was another great Thanksgiving Day.
I spent the day with several family members at my Aunt Marilyn’s house. Even my cousin Michael and his family came down from Minneapolis. I of course turn into the BEST Uncle Gary ever as his kids were happy to see me, and so quick to play games, cards, piano, and so much more! After dinner, we turned the table to the “main course”… (for me anyway)… DESSERT!!! And of course we can’t just eat dessert… we need to have some fun with it first!!!

So here’s the oldest of the Minnesota kids… Mitchell…

And then Caroline…

And my little buddy Christopher…

And the brothers together…

But don’t blame me… I can honestly say that I did NOT squirt any whipping cream in any kid’s mouths. But some of you might recognize the real trouble-maker. Sure, I may have been “instigating & encouraging” the food fiasco.  But my Mom was the one doing all of the dirty work. I think memories like these are far more important than the adults having enough whipped cream on their piece of pumpkin pie.

And yes, I may not have been the one squirting whipped cream… but I did have a little “something” to do with finishing the Thanksgiving desserts!!!

And I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family & friends…
and had a little FUN with your food too!!!

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Reggie the potter

December 27th, 2013

I thought I was the only nut to do this!

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