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We’re nearing the end of the year… and quickly approaching the Holiday Season!
And it’s hard to believe that Sarah Chapman and I have been doing our Monthly Holiday Ornament Challenge for eleven months now. Only one more to go!!! Unfortunately, Sarah has been a little too busy making work for the coming weekend’s “One Of A Kind Show” here in Chicago. So we may need to give her a pass on the November ornament? And if you’d like to stop by and see here at “One Of A Kind Show”,
click here for a link to get your FREE PASSES!!!

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on my ornaments for November. They’ve been done for awhile… kinda waiting for Sarah’s entry before I posted. But today is the last day of November, so here goes…

This month’s entry is a layered terra cotta ornament.  A simple snowflake on a contemporary textured circle. Here we are in “production mode” making a full batch of ornaments.

When they were dry, I added a thin wash of black underglaze to add some dimension to the textures on the back circle.

Then I painted the snowflake disc with some low-fire white glaze. A single, low-fire electric firing and these ornaments should be done and waiting for a golden ribbon.

NOTE – – – – – – – – – –
So, some of you may have gotten a “sneak peek” at this month’s holiday ornament during my Holiday Home Show. And a few of them may already have them hanging on your tree. Just pretend that these are “new” for this post. Don’t ruin the illusion for the others.


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