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As part of my “big” production day in the studio, I threw five more serving bowls with soda clay. I let them set-up for awhile and had the opportunity to stamp them today. Usually I do it the next day, or even two days later. But since I was cranking things out today… it was great to be able to stamp them today!!! I’m kind of rushing to fill a kiln next weekend. The “faster” I can get things done, dried and into a bisque kiln the more time I’ll have to glaze & wad.

Bowl #1 –

Bowl #2 –

Bowl #3 –

Bowl #4 –

Bowl #5 –

So now they’re loosely wrapped up for the night… and I hope to trim them tomorrow.


November 8th, 2013

What wonderful stamps you have made! The impressions really add something to your work. . I would love to see your glazed pieces and am now going to go hunting on the net to find any images you may have posted.
Thanks so much for sharing

November 9th, 2013

Thanks KAREN – I’m slightly addicted if you haven’t noticed. And yes, I do know that I don’t post enough finished pieces on my blog. They typically go straight from the kiln to the art fairs with no time for photos! It’s one of my New Years Resolutions to share more finished images. And maybe even videos?! Dare to dream, right? Anyways, you can go to my blog and click on GALLERY in the far right column for a few finished pieces. Thanks for checking in.


December 6th, 2013

So many bowls, so little time! This has given me some fresh ideas for stamping. Thanks for the beautiful photos.


October 29th, 2014

Love your work. Would you mind saying what type clay you use to make your stamps? And I know you are hugely busy, but sometime when you are going to be making more stamps, it would be great if a friend could come in and either take still photos or film a vid, for a tut on making them. Specially since they are so 3D.

November 1st, 2014

LEIGH – I’m willing to use pretty much any kind of clay to make my stamps. I’m sure using porcelain might make a finer, smoother finished stamp, but I’m not sure that I care. I’d rather have a LOT of stamps to choose from. So I’ll make them out of any clay. You just need to remember to bisque fire them before using. Do not high-fire them. You want them to remain porous for better release after stamping.

And thanks for the tutorial suggestion. I teach my students how to do them every session. Maybe next time I’ll have someone capture the demo so I can post it for you?!

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