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Tonight I went out to LaGrange to play with my friend Nancy at her pottery studio.
If you recall, Nancy is also the one who got me started in pottery several years ago.
She’s also one of  Village Potters in LaGrange… and they’re preparing for their
charity event “Empty Bowls.” They’re hosting two open house days for people to come in
to throw bowls. I can’t make either of those days, so I went out tonight so we would have
time to play, chat and make some bowls!!! I made a dozen “empty bowls” for the cause…
and one larger one for them to auction off!

Tonight’s “empty bowl” production reminded me of the night I teach my class
how to make bowls. We work on making bowls with intention, and not a cylinder gone bad.
And then I make a lot of bowls and show my students quickly how that can be altered, fluted,
pinched and shaped to make each one different from the next. So each of my twelve bowls
had a different look. Nancy will be responsible for trimming and glazing to get them ready
for their April 26th “Empty Bowls” charity event.

Many of the potter/owners come from the former Terra Incognito in LaGrange.
When that Terra location closed, they needed a place to work… so they banded together
and opened this great studio space! They’re still in the fledgling stage, but growing quickly!

While many of them are there for studio hours, Village Potters do offer classes and workshops
for people of all ages. They also have shelf space for rent for potters out there who need to
find a place to work. They also have a nice Gallery space at the entrance. So if you’re ever
in need of some fine pottery, or a quick gift, be sure to stop by the Village Potters
and tell them that Gary sent you!!!

Village Potters : 333 North LaGrange Road, Suite 2, LaGrange Park, Illinois 60526
(708) 352-2330  :




February 18th, 2012

Hi Gary, thanks for the kind comments. I enjoyed reading your blog. However, you did not get my best side in the photo. Maybe a little photo-shop too? 🙂

February 20th, 2012

Gary, you contributed so much to our upcoming “Empty Bowls” event on April 26th. For a new studio our goal of 1000 bowls is ambitious but we are getting there!! I love your comment about making bowls with intent, rather than a cylinder gone bad.

February 21st, 2012

DEBBIE – I’m glad I could help. I’m always willing to make pots. Anywhere. Anytime. It was fun to play with Nancy JK again at your new space! And if I can help with anything else, just let me know! Good luck with your event… a thousand empty bowls is a great goal. I’m sure you’ll make it… and make a difference for the community!

Margrus Kail

March 1st, 2018

I love the idea of test tiles hung like this. How are they actually hung

March 2nd, 2018

HEY MARGUS – This is not my studio. I was playing with a friend at her studio. However, it looks like there’s just a hole put in the center of each test tile prior to glazing & firing. And then there’s just a screw going through to secure it to the wall. Pretty simple… but highly effective.

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