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Tonight I loaded another electric bisque kiln.
Admittedly, not my best job of packing it tight. You know it kills me to leave open space!
But I had some odd sized, and odd shaped, pieces that didn’t quite “fit” together nicely.
Plus the glazed terra cotta planter trays that wouldn’t allow me to stack things as usual.
It always feels good to get fragile greenware off my studio shelves and safely into a kiln.
One step closer to some new finished pots!

Layer #1 -always my favorite layer – when you have a lot of pots to choose from to fill.
Starting with oval casserole dishes, oval vases, test tiles, mugs and more “kiln filler.”

Layer #2 -stamped platters, glazed terra cotta trays… and more kiln filler!

Layer #3 -a stamped platter, small casserole dishes and glazed terra cotta trays.

Layer #4 -mugs, small casserole dishes… and one filler piece from Karen Patinkin!


February 24th, 2012

Always like seeing a nicely packed kiln. Recently started following your blog and love the textures and patterns you create with your stamps.

February 27th, 2012

Are you making fortune cookies now?

I would love to see a joke video of someone loading a bisque kiln with no shelves and pouring pieces into the kiln.

March 1st, 2012

Yes… I was bored.
So I started making fortune cookies. They’re kind of a take-off of the textured rattles I was making… except these don’t rattle?! And just now, I’m asking myself ‘why not?’!!!

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