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Tonight I had a wonderful dinner at my all-time favorite restaurant!
It was a long-overdue-belated-birthday-dinner with my birthday-sharing-friend Nancy.
Tonight’s pasta special was chicken & portobello mushroom filled ravioli with cilantro-cream
sauce, pico de gallo and crispy tortilla strips. INCREDIBLE!!!

Followed by my favorite bread pudding with some hot caramel sauce. The best ever!!!
Really, the bread pudding is just the vehicle to get the caramel into my mouth faster.
Tonight I even got a free “refill” of caramel sauce!!!

And oh, but wait there’s more… also my complimentary birthday dessert of pear lasagna
with even MORE caramel sauce and to-die-for pumpkin ice cream!!! Yummy.
With the best service ever – thank you Catherine for another wonderful meal.

Here’s the details…
Rose Angeli’s – 1341 West Wrightwood, Chicago, Illinois 60614

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December 6th, 2010

what do you mean, TONIGHT you got a free refill of caramel sauce…..i’m thinking, you almost always get away with that one…..??

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