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You know, I’ve often said…  “I love having talented friends.”

And this weekend is a HUGE art weekend all over Chicago.
Lillstreet Holiday Opening, Cornelia Arts Holiday Show, local bazaars and more!
With the biggest one being the “One Of A Kind Show” at the Merchandise Mart.
I won’t be exhibiting at “One Of A Kind”… but I will be going to help & support my friends!!!

Sarah Chapman – my favorite metalsmith…
I’ve known Sarah for several years and have quite the collection of her pieces!
I love her designs, her textures, her patterns, her mixed metals… I love it all.
Many of you may have met Sarah over the years as we are neighbors every summer
at the Evanston Lakeshore Art Fair. And she’s frequently my guest artist at my second
Holiday Home Show… which coincidentally is Saturday, December 11th with Sarah!
I’ll be helping Sarah throughout the weekend as it is a really long show with long hours!

Rebecca Zemans – fine silver jewelry
Rebecca is a studio member at Lillstreet as well – and she always makes me smile.
Her energy is contagious. Her smile infectious. Her metal work incredible. I even got to
“play with her” two summers ago when we were booth neighbors at the Hinsdale Art Fair.

Brad Pogatetz – fine art photography
Again – incredible photography of rust, organics, contrasts, forgotten industrial spaces…
and did I mention rust?! I met Brad a couple years ago at the Barrington Art Fair and have
been coveting his photography ever since! Especially this picture…

Melissa Banks – Rapt In Maille – chain maille jewelry
Okay… I have quite the wide collection of Melissa’s work as well. Nothing better than
geometric repetition and metal linked together than feels incredible?! Like fabric!
Many times she has been more than willing to “custom fit” a bracelet for me right there
on the spot! My Mom even has a pair of Melissa’s earrings that she wears ALL the time!

Karla Wheeler – jeweler
New kid on the block… so to speak, but making quite a name for herself on Etsy!
In fact, Karla will be part of the Etsy group of artists at “One Of A Kind.” Apparently,
one of her most popular pieces is this “binary code” bracelet cuff. For the techno geeks
out there I guess?! Her other pieces are great too… like the same cuff with pi written
out to the gazillionth digit, or something like that?! She makes “regular” jewelry too!!!
And her Mom share the same birthday with me too! Go figure…

Rebeca Mojica – Blue Buddha Boutique – chain maille
Another chain maille artist – but this one I’ve actually taken chain maille classes from!
Geomtric repetition, turning a lot of something into one really cool new thing! Love it.

So with this many incredible artists at the “One Of A Kind Show” you really should
stop by and do some holiday shopping for yourself!!!… and others too?!
If you do stop by… make sure you say hi for me too!

“One Of A Kind” Chicagothis weekend at the Merchandise Mart
Thursday, December 2nd – 12:00pm-9:00pm
Friday, December 3rd – 11:00am-9:00pm
Saturday, December 4th -10:00am-7:00pm
Sunday, December 5th – 10:00am-5:00pm

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