Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
Categories: summer camp

So we just had our FEAST!… with a ton of great food and desserts…
and finished all of our projects! Plus, added one more just for today!

So the copper utensil came out of the tumbler all polished and tempered.
The kids had to do a few “refinements” to get the tabs to fit into their clay handles.
A dab of two-part epoxy and we assembled all of the knives, forks & spoons!

They then had the opportunity to make another metal piece – a thematic cookie cutter!
With a bit of design, a touch of metalwork and a little wire “stitching” they each made
a copper cookie cutter to complete their thematic set.

After the FEAST, we put together our plates, cups & silverware so everyone could
see each others pieces all put together – and how their theme played through all pieces.
From a set of  “Peace, Love & Happiness”… to flowers & ivy, aquatic, Legos, Jamaica,
dogs, mythology and even more flowers! Plus hippos, volcanoes and much more!

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