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It’s been a long time coming… trying to convince myself I needed it…
but I finally took the “technology plunge” last night!

My original iPod was failing…
my cell phone is one of the oldest out there!
And I’ve been working extra hard for the past few weeks…
so why not treat myself to a new toy?!

I’ve had it less than 24 hours and I’m already addicted!
It now has thousands of songs, a few fun video games, my favorite
new movie “Across The Universe” and some great “aps.”
Plus Internet access anywhere, anytime with the touch of a finger!


I’ve downloaded a few fun “aps”… or “applications” for the unaware.
Including a few favorites – “Tipulator” as seen on the latest Apple commercials
where you can easily determine restaurant tips & instantly split the bill
by the number of people in your party. How many dinners have ended with
an awkward session of determining who owes what?! No more.

Plus “One Tap Movies” which will tell you with “one tap” where the closest
movie theater is to wherever you are at that time – plus the shows & showtimes!
Oh, but wait there’s more… it also shows you the movie’s preview trailer!!!

And that’s just the beginning of the iPhone fun… I’m hooked.


February 6th, 2009

Gary, I would also recommend the following apps:
Pandora (a must have)
iheart radio (a little buggy)
Jelly Car
Koi Pond
Tap Defense

Enjoy the new toy!


February 11th, 2009

Am I still in your address book??? :0)



November 25th, 2012

Don’t forget the free app, Pottery Notes! Congrats, BTW.

August 9th, 2015

Great stuff. Great site

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