Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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After today’s protest in Chicago turned bad too… looting, arson, riots, crazy… we are now under lockdown in Chicago with a nightly curfew running indefinitely until things calm down. This just keeps getting worse…

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Caring thoughts are being sent out to our friends in Minneapolis who are struggling with the riots & protests there. This is a view of the Midtown Global Market and the arson fires that surround it. My friend Emily lives right there across the street… this view hit home and made it very scary & very real for me! She has safely evacuated with her little girls, while her husband is still at the home trying his best to keep their home safe from the fires! This is a terrible situation. I can’t stop watching the news as riots like these are now breaking out all around the country! Please stay safe out there!!!

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Good Morning Jack!!! So fun to see this jack-in-the-pulpit pop up in my garden this time of the year! Too bad his visit is always short-lived!

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A little sweet cup of little spring pretties!
Fragrant Lily-Of-The-Valley blooms from my garden
in a small porcelain stamped & soda-fired cup!

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Another warm start to the day…
a little cooler by the lake with a beautifully clouded sunrise.

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Mother Nature kicked it outta the park again for another TEXTURE TUESDAY!!!

And while I’m on nature, bark & texture… here’s a couple more…

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So good to see that the spring flowering trees are hanging on a little longer than usual… as is this quarantine! At least these trees are adding some beauty to these crazy days!

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While the clouds over the lake were playing with sunrise colors… I had a little surprise when I looked back and found a RAINBOW!!! What?! I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a “sunrise rainbow”??? Is that a thing?

Needless to say… where there’s a rainbow, there’s also some rain. So I pedaled home through some light drizzle. Hadn’t planned on that… but it was still more than worth it!!! Another beautiful morning!

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A clouded start to the morning. Dramatic clouds along the lakefront. Nice & warm for a change… almost as though we’re kicking off the first days of Summer today!